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At the beginning of my journey, it was necessary to realize that working in my own facility does not include working with patients only. Gradually, I acquired many skills that no one will teach you at the faculty. First of all, you need to find patients that you will be happy to see for further therapies, and at the same time you need to build your reputation. These aspects will lead to a job well done and a corresponding financial reward.

Every new project, even in healthcare, must be viewed as a business. Are you starting out on your own or are you a group of young physiotherapists who want to run a business? I'll help you to turn your dreams into a business you'll be proud of. From my experience, the model of gradual non-violent growth, which works even in times of crisis, has proven to be the most effective. Our task will be to set up your business so that it can develop together with you. In our industry, it is indispensable to set up a functional system that will generate profit.

Services for beginners

Are you starting out and need advice on setting up a practice and saving time and money?

Services for individuals

Do you have your own practice, but can't move on? I will show you the possibilities of how to get closer to your dream.

Services for companies

Are you a functioning company that is looking for opportunities to advance and gain financial foothold in the healthcare industry?

What can we acquire together:

  • Creating your own practice from a dream to a successful goal
  • What services and products work
  • Who is the ideal customer and how to keep them
  • Pricing and pricing policy in healthcare 
  • Employees - how and where to get them, how to select and motivate them
  • Processes and automatization - save time and avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Many other options

The best way is to use modern technology - thanks to online sessions, we will be within reach from anywhere.

Initial consultation

Every cooperation starts with an initial conversation, we will go over your requirements and together we will find out where and how I can help you and what will put the wind in your sails.

We will name and precisely define what is preventing you from succeeding and building your good name. We will evaluate the potential and direct your business forward.

Periodic mentoring

If you have decided for subsequent cooperation, we will meet regularly every two weeks in the form of an online class, where we will briefly review the previous program, summarize the successful completion of tasks and prepare for the next cycle. Each of our meetings will be electronically recorded, and a set of tasks will be prepared for each goal, which you will be able to keep track of and possibly add notes to.

Meeting platforms are various - FaceTime, Zoom, etc. 

Now you can choose the length of our cooperation. There are 3 types of programs.

Who am I?




Thanks to my family, I have been in the healthcare industry all my life. I have been working as a physiotherapist for over 10 years and I am the owner of Josh FYZIO s.r.o. company (out-patient services of physiotherapy, podiatry, prosthetics, lymphotherapy and medical pedicure).

During my practice, I have worked in several healthcare facilities in different parts of the Czech Republic; I even helped to found some of them or was at their birth.

I started as a physiotherapist in the home environment in the form of "visiting services" and today I manage my own clinic in Prague, several other companies in the Czech Republic, and I have also opened a company in the USA last year.

I currently manage companies with annual turnover of several million, and my journey certainly does not end here.

Price list

Initial consultation

2 hours

4 900 CZK

START 3 months Mentoring

1 hour every two weeks (6 hours altogether) 

13 000 CZK

ADVANCED 6 months Mentoring

1 hour every two weeks (12 hours altogether)

25 000 CZK

ULTIMATE GOAL One-year Mentoring

1 hour every two weeks (20 hours altogether)

39 000 CZK

I am interested in your services

Fill in all the necessary information and we will contact you as soon as possible.