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I have been practicing physiotherapy for over 10 years and attended numerous courses and congresses. I also lead one of the eminent physiotherapeuthic clinic in Prague. I focus on physiotherapy for athletes, DNS, podiatry for all age groups and lymphotherapy.

Currently, the clinic is the best facility for the production of individual orthopedic insoles and sports insoles in the Czech Republic.


PaedDr. Michal Joshua Frána, MBA, MHA, LL. M.



Contact - reception

+420 606 022 319



Physiotherapy is a field of medical activity focused on the diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the locomotor system. Through movement and other physiotherapeutic procedures, it affects the functions of other systems, including psychological functions.

The goal of physiotherapy is to preserve and restore the optimal function of the locomotor system. Movement, as one of the basic attributes of the concept of health, affects other functions of the organism, including psychological functions.


Podiatry is a health science dealing with the research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deformities, pathologies and injuries of the foot and related structures, in relation to the body, as well as the manifestations of systemic diseases, using all appropriate systems as well as scientific technologies and specialized knowledge.


Lymphotherapy is a special treatment method that supports the flushing out of waste substances from the body. It is therefore a means of detoxication. Thanks to lymphotherapy, we can remove accumulated toxic substances from the body, which are otherwise harmful to the body. Another important aspect of lymphotherapy is the acceleration of the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system and the support of the body's metabolism. Lymphotherapy significantly supports the immune system, helps to remove cellulite and improve metabolism, fitness and weight loss.


Senior guarantor of physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and children's physiotherapy, as well as podiatry and lymphotherapy.